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About Us

Tinkering Project VT organically evolved from two educator's desire to challenge how play and learning is seen and brought to children!  To promote play in educational settings as well as in the community at large, Loose Parts provoke curiousity, creativity and the desire to wonder.  

We're shaking up traditional thinking by advocating for "free'' play.  By designing spaces and supporting educators to embrace thinking outside the box, we can change the idea around play!  

Why Tinkering? 
We take pride in putting play back in the hands of children!
Inspirations that support our mission to put materials in the hands of children are few but not limited to... Reggio Emilia (Italy), Anji Play; China (, Piaget, Rudolf Weiner, research, 
and Bienenstock (, Canada.

‘“not knowing” is equally as valuable as 

knowing, one in which the questions to 

be asked are not always clear...”


“...teaching is the urgency of exploring the untapped potential for expression and learning that all healthy children bring with them to school. Clearly our knowledge of childrenʼs capabilities is limited not by a lack of effort in studying them, but rather a limited vision of what we study, how we go about it, and in what terms it is discussed.”

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