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"The Languages of Learning"

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

“ essence children do not naturally limit the forms that their expression takes. Because adult communication relies so heavily on spoken and written language, however, schools necessarily reflect that orientation and channel children's narratives into a very narrow realm of expressions, in effect limiting rather than broadening the child's expressive capabilities” -Karen Gallas

"How children talk, write, dance, draw, and sing their understanding of the world."

Sharing time and allowing children to dictate and take the spot light is essential to their learning. Isn't it the process not the product that is important? Providing opportunities, promoting constructive play allows children to be the driver. To make room for all voices and make thinking visible is the inspiration for putting materials in the hands of children. Allowing play to unfold, to observe and really listen to what children are asking and telling us is a powerful tool to understanding, assessing and provoking for future.

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